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Keur Design is a boutique brand agency in Southwestern Ontario. With a unique blend of background experience, we are able to offer creative solutions for print, web and promotional products for our clients. Overtime we have developed a niche for small business and not-for-profit organizations in our work. We love to help brands and people grow together.


Brand Identity

A brand is a business's personality. It speaks to the vision, moral and drive behind the work. It should also reflect the people who drive it. A brand is not only a logo; it's the colour, emotion and overall feeling your material emits, whether it is online or print. Let us ensure your brand experience is nothing short of spectacular.

Print Design

From billboards to post-it notes, let us design your next print product. More than likely it will be business cards, brochures and other stationary to put yourself out there, but we're also good at larger projects like annual reports, monthly publications and banners.

Web Design

Your web presence is everywhere, and can be accessed by everyone. Don't you want it to look good? Your landing page is like your online elevator pitch. It has to be strong in just a few seconds, or users will lose interest. That is where unique, creative design comes into play!

Brand Promotion

Make your brand impossible to miss. We can help, with innovative tech gadgets and promo classics like bags, pens and hats. Hand your brand out at events and trade shows, or just in your office! Send lasting thank you's to returning clients, or unique welcomes to new customers.

What's Been Done

See some of our previous creative projects.

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